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A couple of notes. [Apr --> 29 --> 05 @ 11:24pm]
So I bought the newest Iron and Wine Cd yesterday while I was hanging out with Haley.
It's not bad. I'm still crushin' on The Constantines Cd I bought while at the Weakerthans concert that was last week or so. I don't know, time is all a blur.

Anyways me and Haley had fun and went to KP to look for some shoes for me, with no intention of buying. I need some shoes for work, but I want some that I'll wear out as well. Right now I'm lookin' at all black shell-toed adidas. Mhmmm Mhmmm Mhmmmm. We later went to her house to watch Big Fish because I hadn't seen it. Tis quite good.

I'd like to note two things that happened at work sometime recently (both on the same night). For one, I was changing the garbages outside of Tim Hortons, and I saw some porno mag in the garbage. I didn't look too hard, nor did I grab it. I thought that was kinda funny, but I didn't tell anyone.

Secondly, Kevin Pawnell was there for part of it. For those of you who don't know, Kevin was the publicity rep at my school two years ago. For those of you who don't know, I'm the current publicity rep. But he was there with his girlfriend (or someone that looked to be it) and I'm pretty sure that he didn't buy anything, so I didn't end up saying anything to him. But honestly, what would I say? There's an offchance that he'd recognize me, but then what? Tell him that he inspired me to go join student council and read the announcements?


-Nick enlightened me with the conspiracy that Paul McCartney died.
-I'm currently downloading One Night in Bangkok by DJ Shadow.
-Went to a surprise birthday bbq today. That was rather fun, despite the snow.

Don't expect many posts on here.

But please do enjoi the ones I do post
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What the hell is this thing? [Apr --> 02 --> 05 @ 05:39pm]

Never heard of it.

Anyways, everything's pretty okay at the moment.

I've downloaded the kills' new album, "No Wow."
I'm listening to it right now, and I'm enjoying myself.

I also am interested in HotHotHeat's new CD. That sounds promising. I've also downloaded "Straight Outta Compton" by NWA, thanks to Mike.

As for personal news, not much to report. I've got an interview for Red River College Creative Communications, other than that, nothing.

But I've got to go eat supper.

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Well this kinda sucks [Jan --> 26 --> 05 @ 05:33pm]
[ mood | bummed ]

But hey, I'm done exams.

And I bought the flaming lips and shins' cds.

I'm listening to the black keys right now.

A lot of music pro stuff isn't due for months.

It looks like I'm doing alright to get into Red River.

I'm in a cool band.

What more could I ask for?


Most recent obsession:

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what the crap [Jan --> 21 --> 05 @ 07:02pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

yelling at a teacher and now i'm listening to the shins?

where the hell did i go?

i want me back.

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I might as well post resolutions [Jan --> 01 --> 05 @ 07:22pm]
because everyone else is.

Not like I'm gonna stick to them anyways.

It'd be nice to play a show.
It'd be nice to get accepted to red river college.
Not be so busy with schoolwork and things.
Be more impulsive.
Write more music.
Get out of here for a week, on my own.
See a Big D or Streetlight Manifesto show.
Or at least order some merch of theirs.
Start hanging out with my Transcona and Band Camp friends again.
But above all, but true to thine (mine?) self.

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Yar! [Dec --> 29 --> 04 @ 09:31pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Stolen from MefCollapse )

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Pfft. [Dec --> 19 --> 04 @ 10:38pm]
Odd. Very odd.

There's a part of Streetlight Manifesto's "If and when we rise again" that is undoubtedly Brahms' "Hungarian Dance". Check that out.

Also, I watched the Royal Tennebaums again last night on cbc. Who said that no hockey was a bad thing?
Good movie.

Doubly also, on a pbs show called "Austin city limits", there was the Flaming Lips. They did a song with Cat Power and then after a while, the Shins played. They're alright.

Also, the Joe Strummer tribute was on the punk show. That's a repeat, but that's okay. Anyways. I'm done.
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Hahaha yes this quiz is so dead on. [Dec --> 01 --> 04 @ 12:10pm]
You scored as Transformers. It's a car! It's a bus! It's a McDonald's! Well, kinda. . but who wants to choose just one novelty when you can have 50 in 1?




Strawberry Shortcake












Which 1980's Cartoon Character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com
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